Sadar Yadav Community Hyderabad is considered to be one of the most happening and cultural city in India . Since my childhood I had been really excited to attend this festival of Yadav Community known as ‘Sadar’ – the reunion of Yadav community in single platform. ‘Dunnapottu’ (Male Buffalo) 🐃 are the center of attraction and pride of its owner where they decorate them beautifully on this eve and the audience would be spell bounded by its various stunts .

Sadar Yadav Festival The core members of the Yadav Community would be welcoming the participants who performs the various stunts and attracts the audience with their Buffaloes. Youth gets rejoiced and rock the floor with DJ and Band music. Overall it will be a great resource of entertainment i.e. kind of carnival festival.

Yadav festival Sadar 2018As a part of the event many viewers will be happily enjoying the environment and would be taking the snaps with beautifully decorated dunnapottu , owners . Usually, Sadar is widely celebrated in the Telangana after 1st day of Diwali.Indeed I really enjoyed the whole session and happily performed some experimental dance steps with my close buddies .