main event bowling zoneLast Sunday I was wondering, what more I can explore near my place & we eventually planned to go out for bowling activity. Although we got a lot of franchise who offers these activities, my pal asked me to go ahead for Main Event, Frisco, TX as it was the second time he’s visiting the same place which is a quite friendly budget along good hospitality from the staff.

main event rest area

Shot this beautiful still from my iPhone 7, where people are relaxing & spending quality time with their families. Main Event offers the great quality of food and beverages. The ambiance inside is designed so attractively which leaves you spellbound. We have to stand in a queue for purchasing tickets & bowling shoes which they offer for a friendly budget of $24.99 for each person which includes bowling, laser attack game, climbing, billiards.

bowling zoneHere, we go for my favorite activity Bowling, first, you need to login into the screen with your name in order to start the game. We have both multiplayer & individual player options to play the game.  It was really ascetic feeling to watch the soccer match of home favorites. There were 10 rounds for each player and it was really an good experience with my buddies. 

food area
Main Event offers you the sitting area for the players & families who are playing bowling. Apart from that, you can order the food sitting comfortably from your zone and also they provided self-paying machines on your table arranged for final check out. The cheer from the crowd while playing gives you a great boost up to your confidence and you will enjoy the moment.


main event - billiards gameBilliards is an interesting & mind blogging game where you concentrate on the target to shoot out the balls directly in the holes around six sides of the board. Here we got the best tables which offer the best experience to snooker or billiards players. Although we didn’t spend that much time here although it was an amazing moment together.

main event frisco tower
It’s time to say goodbye !!!  After spending around 5 hours we were tired enough and suddenly my eyes glanced on this beautifully constructed clock tower which is quite opposite to the parking lot. As a traveler, I highly recommend you this place in the city and have quality time with your family, kids, and friends. Don’t miss it guys 😉