koovagam fest

India is an land of divisive culture and tradition where you can experience the flavor of emotional joy , fun and mourn during festivals. In real time scenario here we have ‘Koovagam ‘ – The annual festival of transgender community where they assemble in large numbers  at Koothandavar Temple , Tamil Nadu , India during the month of chitrai (April/May) to share their soul stirring feelings of happiness , sorrow and perform daring stunts to impress Lord Koothandavar (one of the deity form of Lord Vishnu).

Hijra – the word widely used in India to refer the people belonging to transgender community . Homosexuality is out of the box subject in the Indian Society where people of this community face discrimination , humility, insult and depression on day – day basis. Congregation like this makes them feel happy once in an year where they cheer relentlessly and dance like free bird to over come their emotional trauma.  The devotees of Lord Aravan perform unimaginable feats to impress their deity and conducts various events like beauty pageants , singing competitions.

mourn of hijras

Suddenly  the tale of joy changes to sorrow and the devotees of Lord Aravan mourn the death of their deity where they perform heart rendering feats like walking on the ignited charcoals , piercing with sharp needles over the sensitive body parts and break their bangles with blood shed over the area.  Travel Qoma recommends it readers/ visitors to experience this carnival of LGBT community and reveal the travel bug inside you.