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Preview of Golconda Fort :Since the ages , we always heard about the significance of this marvelous engineering structure “Golconda Fort” of Quli Qutub Shah dynasty. Today I’m gonna share my personal and interesting facts of this beautiful place which would awestruck your mind. Although, Golconda Fort is an popular tourist attraction but inside the book it got many classified information which would be an nightmare for weak hearten souls . Unlike other bloggers I wont be focusing on the history of Golconda but would be revealing mind boggling secrets. If you dare here you got some interesting stuff for your reference http://www.remotetraveler.com/golconda-fort-hyderabad/

golconda fort queen place

Art & Culture: Qutub Shahi rulers were fond of music and art culture. Today we can witness these things in the form of pillars and walls of the fort . During the leisure time King used to smoke the hookah ( http://travelqoma.com/arabian-delight-hookah/) and sit on the top of the fort . The queens Taramati , Premavathi used to perform dance activities and impress king with their beautiful moves. The emotional bond between King & Queens was fairly good enough and people in the Golconda kingdom always used to praise King for his true love. Soon after the demise of Taramati , he built an mosque inside the Golconda Fort as a remembrance and symbol of his love.

Golconda Fort Passage

Haunted News: Love is inevitable and this lead to the haunted rumors among the large number of audience that they can view the spirit of ‘Taramati’ dancing in the Fort and during night hours people heard the sounds of crying .The news became viral among the locals and spread like fire which in turn created hue , scary feeling to the visitors. As a matter of sentiment or paranormal believer till today Golconda Fort authorities wont allow the fort visitors , tourist or anyone to climb the fort after evening 6 PM. So guys, it’s up to you whether to believe this rumors or not but as an travel nomad I would suggest you to experience the Golconda Fort visit and free up your ambivalent mind.