‘Divine’ ignited the spark of hip hop culture in the Indian music industry which eventually lead to the born of many unrecognized talented artists. Down the streets of Mumbai we got numerous rappers who find difficulty for their survival and nevertheless they didn’t gave up for their passion of unique rapping culture. Divine aka ‘Vivian Fernandez’ struggled lot during the earlier phase of his career. For brief information you can check it out this link. https://indianexpress.com/article/express-sunday-eye/divine-rapper-gully-boy-zoya-akhtar-5191992/

” Beginning is not easy ” this is applicable in divine’s case . At the initial phase of his career there were many hurdles and many people used to criticize him for choosing this genre . He worked really hard towards his goal and today we know how much he inspired the young rappers across the streets of Mumbai . Like Divine, we have many artists like Naezy , Emiway who are still struggling to make their presence in India’s hip hop music culture . https://musically.com/2018/09/06/indian-hip-hop-huge-opportunity/Divine got lot of work in his plate with his own effort. We need to encourage such talent and help them to mark their presence globally like Eminem , Lil Wayne , Jayz & Snoop Dog.

divine rapper work

The story of Divine recollects me the another hero of Hyderabad ‘Azhar Maqsusi’ who also fought many battles for serving the needy & poor people. To know about Azhar , you can go to this link and check it out : http://travelqoma.com/azhar-the-billionaire-of-hyderabad/  
Recently , Divine has been circulating in the news for his extra ordinary work in Sacred Games – The Indian Web Series where he collected huge fan base for his song – ‘ Kaam Paachees Hai ‘. Apart from that he got many numbers like Junglee Sher , Bantai and other collaborations with similar kind of artist who got same hip hop flavor in their music. Travel Qoma truly salutes such artist who works relentlessly for achieving their goals and wish for many artist to spread their wings to bring revolution in the Indian music industry.