Beauty of Dallas : It was a quite busy weekend  in Texas  i.e. Labor Day  , me & my friends decided to freak out the best places in city’s downtown . The place was quite amazing  and we got many options to visit various places but we decided to experience the elegance of famous Margaret Hunt Hill bridge in the Dallas Area .  It was the sunset time, beside you got beautiful riverfront where you can walk-through  and glance the Mexican culture . As soon I entered in to the walk-through area , the people were enjoying  and spending  quality time with their family & kids .

margaret hunt hill scenic
Mexican Troop: Here  I was standstill and can’t control my anxiety to shoot this best click on my phone . It was really an healing process for my heart to listen their music & everyone was appreciating their talent . Talent has no age limit , here you can prove the narrow minded people who always tries to humiliate others .  Although they were struggling inside but they were too happy enough to convince the people standing around them.  Meanwhile, we tried to explore more things and keep on walking in the street  .  Don’t miss the ice cola ( various flavors)  here it was tasty enough and you can sit comfortably on the chairs to enjoy the ice cola patiently .

walkthrough area

Walk Through Area: It was the sunset time, lights were ON all over the street  and the bridge was glorified with the amazing lights  .  As soon the clouds gets darker the place turns out to be crowdee  and people staying near the surroundings of this place comes for evening walk  along with their friends, family , cute kids .Over  all it was an great experience to spend the quality time rejoicing the beauty of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and guys I highly recommend you to visit this place whenever you visit Dallas , Texas . The place is  easily commutable from the DFW airport of overall less than 10 miles. So why you’re waiting go pack your bags & leave your foot prints.