Chola Temple for Lord Shiva

‘Srikalahasti’ is one of the holy town situated on the banks of River Swarnamukhi which is about 28 kms from the city of Tirupathi , Andhra Pradesh . The word ” Srikalahasti refers to Sri – Spider , Kala – Snake, Hasti – Elephant  and it’s believed since ages that spider , snake and elephant worshiped Lord Shiva in this divine place to attend penance (Moksha) . Many pilgrims visit this holy place when they complete Tirumala Pilgrimage to earn the blessings of SreeKalahasteeswara Swamy and Prasunambika Devi .

Rahu Ketu Pooja

Srikalahasti temple is quite popular among devotees for it’s Rahu – Kethu pooja . It’s believed that this pooja is performed to remove obstacles in their lives . Huge number of devotees throng in to the temple premises during Rahu Kaalam and eclipse days either lunar or solar . There are special packages for performing pooja which varies from Rs. 500/-  to Rs. 2500/- and it depends on the pilgrim’s choice to select any package .

Srikalahasti Rahu Kethu Pooja Annadaanam

Rahu – Kethu pooja long last for 40 minutes and in one round let say 300 people would be performing this pooja under the supervision of temple priest . After this devotees would be asked to take the blessings of Lord Shiva & Mother Parvathi  for successful pilgrimage. Under the temple premises a gigantic dining hall has been arranged for devotees to fulfill their hunger . Believe me guys this was one of the greatest place ever I visited in my lifetime and I really appreciate the whole staff , management for providing such an delicious and tasty food. Don’t ever hesitate to visit such a beautiful and peaceful place .  We applaud  the ancient Chola King’s & it’s dynasty for giving us such an magnum opus architecture .