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Beauty Of 7 Hills: Tirumala – unimaginable experience in my lifetime. I struggled to visit this beautiful wonder since 2013 and finally, I made it after 5 years with the help of my close pals who motivated me to complete this divine trip. Starting from the trigger point I was spellbound with its extraordinarily covered huge dense woods and milky hills it’s kind of ice cream bowl where an enormous amount of fog is covered between mountains. The environment is very pretty and I promise any human can fall in love with its natural greenery. The journey will be around 26 km from the starting point where you will dive in between the exotic ghats with whirlwind turnings of wheels and the driver was very experienced. He controlled the steering like a butter finish and took us to the destination in a responsible way.


tirumala tirupati ap travel qqoma Reaching Destination: As soon we reached the uphill where the Lord Of Kalyuga – Sree Venkateshwara Swamy (Balaji Bhagwan) is showering his divine blessings to the enormous number of pilgrims who visit Tirumala on daily basis. As soon we reached the place luckily got the room for our accommodation and took rest for a while as we were allotted for evening darshanam @ 4 pm which was booked few days through online medium. The place was very environmentally neat and tidy with a cool breeze around the area.

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Darshanam Time: Finally, it was our time to start divine pilgrimage from Balaji Bus Station where pilgrims can avail free bus service maintained by TTD (Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam) to reach hill point. As soon we collected our tickets and got biometrical verified, the queue was luckily in low numbers and overall it took 2 hours to witness the ultimate blessing of Lord Balaji.

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┬áThe emergence of Govinda: The purpose of my life was fulfilled and I’m truly honored with the glance of powerful Lord Balaji in front of my eyes where many people visit to witness this ultimate experience. I can’t explain how I felt at that moment when I was near the God and eyes were stuck like glue to see the god without any blink. Slowly I was moving like a tortoise and we came outside the sanctum. The priest offered us teertham and prasadam in the form of famous Tirupathi Laddu.


ttd laddu lord balaji Pilgrim’s Paradise: Tirupathi Laddu – the name itself sounds how much famous it’s. People of India whenever you complete your pilgrimage they’ll ask you this delicious and tasty Laddu from Tirumala. I brought many Laddus for distributing to my family, friends, and well-wishers. This prasadam is prepared under very hygienic conditions and it’s fully enriched with dry fruits, pure cow ghee which can be loved by any human. Finally, we had our dinner at Annadaanam Hall which serves more than 5000 people in a single lap where devotees enjoy the tasty food to get away from hunger. I would recommend all to visit this heaven and make your life to be filled with fun, joy, and devotion of Govinda.