Azhar Bhai With Amitabh

In today’s iron age, we know that every human had became selfish and always think about themselves only in any relevant matter when comes to their career, life style, family and lastly not to be mentioned ‘food’. I came across many faces in Hyderabad but I’m truly inspired by this man of golden heart named ” Azhar Maqsusi” who’s really striving hard to restore the faith of humanity with his extra ordinary effort .  Azhar is people’s man and has been even recognized by the Indian Celebrities like Amitabh Bachan and NGOs for his outstanding service to the humanity . Azhar started this great mission of feeding the poor daily from the year of 2013 – Till Date  and the events which rendered his heart during the initial phase which ultimately led to birth of mission called ” Food For Soul “.

save humanity

One fine day Azhar saw an physically handicapped lady named ‘Laxmi ‘ in the railway station where she was begging for food instead of money. On the contrary he was amused with the scenes which he came across and convinced Azhar Maqsusi’s mind to find solution for this hunger problem. Being brought up in middle classed family he never hesitated to step back and ultimately  became the messaiah for poor people in the Dabeerpura , Hyderabad area where he serves lot of hunger people on daily basis during the lunch hours. Many people stands in a queue to avail this homely cooked delicious food. Apart from this Azhar is actively involved other social activities like distributing blankets to homeless , empowering women with labored skills like sewing of clothes, conducting health awareness programs and free tuition to economically downtrodden children. He’s truly a symbol of humanity and great human with divine cause . Travel Qoma ‘s team is really inspired by Azhar Maqsusi activities and dedicated this small token of appreciation to Azhar Bhai. We salute him and his entire crew for their outstanding effort to feed the poor. I eternally  pray that he should be blessed with lots of love and respect in the society  . Keep going Azhar Bhai ” Yeh Gareeb Tumarey Kheedmat Main Humesha Rahengay “.