It’s an blog about travel & journey of my life . How traveling transformed my life ? I’m gonna share all my experiences and shout to the people that don’t work on things which you don’t like n suffer later . ” Travel makes my life happier ! Don’t give up your passion for the things you don’t find interesting ” . Since I have born in India , there you find most of them like me who work on the things which are against our passion . In your life , you’ll come across many stereotypes, hypocrites & unsuccessful who always try to demotivate, humiliate, criticize , for not following others . Gone are those days where you have only few professions like Engineering, Medicine where you can excel and impart good deeds .   I’m a techie by profession and traveled UK , USA , Scotland for exploring the fragrance of life & nature. Love for the photography turned out to be big deal which inclined me towards my passion rather than choosing regular dosage. Finally I’m rejoiced as I found the answer for what I’m on this beautiful planet . #WanderLust #Travel #Passion #ListenToHeart